Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are you a Doomsday Prepper? Why not?

Did you know that there are already recorded cases of H5n3 transfer from human to human with casualties, a whole family in the US and almost 1000 worldwide?

Did you know that the H5n3 death rate is 85% and a pandemic will change the world as we know it?

Did you know that H5n2 is tearing up Mexico but aside of media lies 1000s have died already, another 85% death tool, these two should make Fall 2012 very interesting.

Did you know that the federal government opened a huge ER in Chicago just designed to deal with a mass pandemic scenario?

Did you know that everyone is trying to hush this up?

Did you know that the federal government has reopened and is currently stocking all of their “cold war”bunkers?

Did you know that the army bought all of Smith & Wesson’s M&P .40 cal handguns available and now there is a wait of 6 months to get one of those guns?

Did you know that S&W could not produce enough so the feds just bought an extra 1 million 40 cal semi-automatic handguns from Ruger?

Did you know that the feds bought ALL of the .40 cal ammunition (the cheap not the premium) in the market by today?

Did you know that up until this month the feds always used 9mm so apparently they need a bigger round?

It seems that the end of America might be close, not like The Mayans predicted but close none the less?

More to follow ...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn

So when free agency started I must admit that I was pretty lukewarm on the prospect of signing him, however things have changed. There is more to this Matt Damon look alike than I originally thought. After a very good college career at LSU Flynn was picked in the 7th round by the Green Bay Packers. Not only he was picked late, he was also the second QB that the Packers picked that year. Many, many young man with excellent college performances find themselves not picked or picked that late, which almost always means life backup role, if lucky enough to stay in the NFL at all.

Flynn though, seems different, not only did he beat out the other drafted QB (who was drafted in the second round) he ascended to Rodgers confidant, friend and student. Flynn’s last game as a Packer was full of record breaking stats and very impressive, but even more impressive was the pride that could be seen in Rogers, completely satisfied with his student’s performance.

This to me tells me that Rodgers, a top tier QB in this league (some would defend that he is the best) has a respect for this rookie that can only be attained by working hard, being respectful of your colleagues and by passing the tests that are presented to you. That to me is worth more than if with had another 3 or games worth of real life film.

Then, on the field, even though not armed with the strongest arm in the league, this guy has a superb sense of environment around him, shows ability to read defenses and make alterations, is super accurate on short and medium passing, and even though I would not describe him as having a “cannon” arm he should sufficient efficacy even on 40+ long passes. He has shown that he can be a leader and has a natural ability to make decisions and act upon them. This is a very import trait that all elite QBs possess and that cannot be taught. Just ask Tarvaris Jackson, physically gifted to be able to perform at elite level, but when it comes to natural leadership skills falls behind, and the split second longer that takes Jackson in his decision making and acting upon it drop his future to average, probably backup level.

The more I read about this Flynn and his life choices the more confident I am that he can take the reins of this team and become the face o this franchise. I’m not taking about a “placeholder” almost a household title at the Seahawks in recent years, but a guy to carry this thing through, all the way, finally. Do I mean that we should not draft a QB later this year (heck every year)? No, I do not mean that at all, we need to keep investing in the future and we don’t want to be in the post-Wallace limbo we have been experiencing in the last many years. But I want a full commitment to this guy, he’s our franchise QB and will be for a long time, given time to develop and become a star in the Emerald city.

Don’t ask for his head if the first year is not great, at some point we have to settle and commit to someone; otherwise we will just be the Raiders of the NFCW. Remember the other Matt that came from Green Bay? Remember how bad he was in the first two years? I surely do. But that Matt took us to the SB and I have a feeling this Matt can at least do that for us too, he has the same spunky spark in the eye that I saw from the previous Matt. A leader, decisive and able to make the best out of the tools he does possess other than finding excuses for those he does not.

I think we should show commitment, not with top dollar right now, but with security and continuity by offering a longer contract than we have provided the previous “place holders” in our recent past. I would offer him 4 years, that’s right 4 years, is more than long enough for this leader to take over and show us that he deserves the mega $$$ contract at the end of it. Hopefully a SB appearance at least in that time frame (that’s right I am not getting any younger). For these first 4 years I would pay as little as possible and then load him up with incentive bonuses.

I have been accused of jumping “bandwagons” recently, but it’s hard to develop loyalties with the roster churn we have experienced. This time I am in permanently on Flynn’s bandwagon (disclaimer if he does not sign with us of course) and am ready to take some punches over the next few years and have his back. I am willing Flynn to be the man. Manning, RGIII and Luck might sound more sexy and marketable names but I am ready to commit to the Flynn brand.
I don’t want to keep comparing him with Hasselbeck and I really don’t think they are that similar on the field, but in terms of leadership and charisma I think they are identical and on top of glory on the field I think that Flynn can provide us with that respectful face for this franchise that Hasselbeck spoiled us with for so long.

I am ready for this new era to start, buy my #10 jersey and see him take this franchise to glory for the next 10 years or so. Carroll and Schneider please go “all in” on this one, make sure that when this kid comes to visit this weekend, he makes Seattle his new home and becomes our elected QB.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

***H5N1 UPDATE***

So, I don’t know if you are keeping up with the whole drama, but being that this strain is on average 80% lethal (just a mere 5% less lethal than Ebola) I will keep you as informed as possible, being a nurse and all I feel the responsibility to let you know what’s going on. On a previous post I let you know about the bug and where to get some info about it. We had around 300 people dying of this virus worldwide in last few months and the only thing that has been keeping us safe is the fact that the virus hasn’t figured out a way to pass on from human to human. The fact that humans get it from birds and then cannot pass it along, and die soon after (usually 1-2 weeks) has made this virus self limiting so far. This has never been a firm security has the virus keeps mutating and like all other previous flu strains eventually will learn the way of passage between mammals and we it does the worse medical disaster even witnessed will be upon us. Forget about zombie holocaust, the flu apocalypse will get you sooner. Now to make things worse, labs in the US and EEU have been working on learning this virus around the clock hoping for a vaccine (remember the 80% mortality rate) and order to do so, in lab controlled environments have hastened the mutations and created a mammal to mammal transmissible H5N1. When I first heard about this I has not preoccupied, I mean, highly trained personnel have been handling the most dangerous viruses on earth in labs in the US for a long time, but then…
…Then they decided they would publish their findings and scientific methods to reach them. What???????? So, if you are a terrorist, in hopes to get your hands on a lethal biologic weapon that can reshape humanity, you don’t have to risk your life to break into a high security lab to steal the secrets? You can just go to Amazon or Borders and buy yourself the instruction book?? Seriously? This must be a joke right? Right? Well, unfortunately no!!! The WHO (World Health Organization) have been conducting meetings for a few weeks with world leaders, because has the world society became aware of the danger a 60 day gag order/cool off was ordered before the book was published. After many meetings, these people have agreed that they do not have the jurisdiction to forbid the publishing. You know what this means? That even if the virus was not scheduled to reach that level by natural means for several years; it’s not a possibility that man will expedite the inevitable.  Some believe 2012 is the end of the world. I’m starting to believe that it could be the end of the world has we know it today.
I will keep you posted on the developments and will start providing health/survival tips on a regular basis. It won’t be easy, but it’s doable, at least for 20ish% of us. I just want to make sure that we are on the better side of that equation.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Apology to Rob

I wanted to share an explanation about a recent “Clash of the Titans” I have with another .netter of interest that goes by the Moniker of “theEnglishSeahawk” .  “English or Rob (his real name) is a long time poster at and maintains his famous blog seahawksdraftblog and professionally is a reporter for BBC UK. For the longest time we were friends and shared various opinions, I lived in England for 11 years and am more prepared than most Americans to understand Rob’s sense of humor and pompousness. Everything was just peachy until last off season, where I came in contact with some once in a life time (for me anyways) inside information on a potential trade of Carson Palmer to Seattle from his old team the Bengals.

Reportedly a trade was in the works and initially the information coming to me from my source matched perfectly to what Rob’s were saying, I felt confirmed by this and a lot of messaging went on between the two of us. Being a rookie at this I grew suspicious of Rob’s intentions and questioned the validity of his sources because I figured that was nearly impossible that 2 different sources from 2 different backgrounds were saying exactly the same thing. I started reading Rob’s blog everyday and comparing it to our messages. As time went on I found that his posts were almost identical to the letter to my info that I gave him on my messages and the doubt grew deep.
I then decided to test him and created a set of fake info that I shared with him (I won’t share which part, I will leave that to your imagination) to see how he would react. The very next day he had that info on the blog. Instead of talking to my new friend I judged him and condemned him of being a liar. Since then our relationship went south, and when I say south I don’t mean on a vacation to Mexico or Brazil, I mean south to hell. The chip on my shoulder grew like a mountain and I often attacked him verbally on the forum and accused him of being a liar.
Being the gentleman that he is, Rob approach me in private and questioned my rage and we again swapped messages backwards and forwards all day long. After all was said and done Rob convinced me that he was not lying and the reason I got confused was due to a colossal coincidence where the bogus portion I created actually turned out to be true (I am a gifted guesser lol). So I figured I would share this, and clear his name. We are mates again and we will move on from this being better friends, I on my end learn not to judge a friend so briskly and actually search for the truth before passing judgment.

The truth is .netters that the rumor was not fantasy, we both had info that was real and the whole thing was very painful for both of us taking punches from everywhere, and I for one would never share anything like this again with the board, props to Rob for takings the beating week after week to share the info he gets. Rob is a professional reporter and a meticulous observer/evaluator of future talent for our Seahawks, and even though my “gut feelings” have actually been more accurate in guessing NFL success by college QB’s my comments (even though apparently accurate lol) are just gut feelings, I have a good gut predictor sharpened in the emergency room, but there is no science in my evaluation, Rob spends a lot of time watching film and using scientific method to base his predictions, and even though often wrong (ahahah) he should get props for what he does.
Thank you
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who will be our next QB?

While many of us despise Peyton Manning and there is no assurance that he will be ever game healthy again, the mistery of possibilities is in the air, the guy is a proven leader/
difference maker and if Carroll wants to win now instead of later, Manning should be brought in and if healthy might be worth a go, besides this man as a lot to prove now and if healthy he will be all business as usual. Besides, when he retires he would make an hell of a QBs coach. I really don't think this will happen, but Bleacher Report gave it no chance of happening, and considering they are always wrong I guess the odds just went up ever so slightly.

Foles from Arizona would be my choice in the draft, he has all the tools and size and is already used to play for a crappy team with even worse offensive line. Foles is used to getting the ball out in a hurry with great accuracy and he can take a hit on the likes of grizzlyberger. Some have criticized arm strenght and long ball accuracy, but they must remember that his OL gives him no time which make the long throws just that much harder. In Seattle we have a strong run game, a set of WRs like he never had in Arizona and a maturing and impressive OL that would protect him a lot better and give him more time. He's a great kid and a born leader, I hope we draft him and let him carry the clipboard for a year behind Jackson, then we will see. I think he's a guy you can build a team around (1st round pick).

Then there is Moore, a local hero for me Kellen has proven to be one of the most accurate QBs in college and is winning record speaks loud and clear. However, many rule him out on size alone, I surely don't. I think he's a baby Brees and will be a bargain in the later rounds thanks to the nay sayers. I would grab him in the 2nd or 3rd and bring him in to compete. If he does not pan out, then you made it so that we have to get Barkley next year, and added some depth, but if he turns out the way I think he will we have gotten us a franchise QB for peanuts lol.

What I don't want is a lateral move to Flynn, the dude has had 2 decent but barely of any meaning games in his career thus far and I don't think that I or anyone can tell if he will any better than Kolb or even Charlie. I say no, either get a millionaire but true talent type of QB (i.e: Manning or Brees) which I wouldn't do for $$$$ reasons, or try your luck in the draft, hopefully with Foles and finish what you have started mister Carroll

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So here I am for post #2 and even though we have the two big games later today, actually I want to start the day talking about the flu. That's right the flu, not the usual flu or even the pansy swine flu, I'm talking H5N1. H5N1 is picking strength and if it ever becomes pandemic will make the bat+swine flu of the movie "Contagion" look like a mere seasonal cold. While in the movie the dreadful flu had a mortality rate on the 30%, this super flu thus far is scoring on the upper 80s%. I am not a conspiracy theorist at all, and up until very recently I never believed in the end of the world, at least not in the Mayan sense anyways, but this bug is starting to change my mind. I have researched this a lot and have a lot to say, but want to spice your curiosity with an article. Please read it and it will be easier to follow when I talk more about this later.

Anyways, enjoy the article and the games today, I'm off to bed for a few hours after a long 12 hour shift in our very busy ER, but I wouldn't swap it for anything else :-)

Friday, January 20, 2012


Hi, my name is Traumahawk; I am a diehard Seahawks fan and a daily contributor to the fan site and Twitter. Over the last couple of years I have been thinking about creating a blog where I can speak my mind in an uncensored kind of way. Not that I expect using much bad language but if you know me you would know that political correctness is not my strong suit. I am honest and I speak my mind. You can expect that my blog will focus on the Seattle Seahawks but I plan to rant about anything, from travel, to politics and healthcare.
I am a complete virgin at this so hopefully some of my more blog savvy friends will come to my rescue soon (yes @JonathanDalar and @zebulondak I mean you lol) and we can make this a fun place. Feel free to speak your mind here, you will not be censored but you can expect a reply from me, and sometimes that might be more than you were bargaining for ;o)

I don’t claim to be official or in any way related to the Seahawks organization, nor do I claim to do this professionally or base my opinions on actual game film cuts, most of my opinions will be based on my gut feeling, previous life experiences, YouTube clips and games actually watched. Other themes other than football will resort from similar sources. I am not an attention seeker (did not want to use bad language on my first post lol) just a guy that likes to chat, so if you are looking for breaking news or glamour your probably clicked on the wrong page, but if you are looking for a blog for real man (or women) that want to speak their mind, then WELCOME.
Anyways, pretty pathetic first rant, but that’s all I got for today. See you soon, don’t be a stranger :o)